This is the Trondheim region

A close collaboration between eight municipalities with the goal of strengthening the Trondheim regions competitive position in both a national and international market. This is to ensure that in the future the region will assert itself among leading positions in research, education, business, and culture. As well as furthering the services offered to the general public. 65% of the inhabitants of Trøndelag reside in these eight municipalities.

Trondheim (1)

Our main goal:
Trondheimsregionen aims to increase the regions share of national value creation, so it more closely corresponds to our share of the population.

Additional goals:

  • Make the Trondheim region the best place to grow existing business as well as starting new businesses.
  • The Trondheim region should offer attractive real estate for both business and residential purposes, as well as sound and dependable infrastructure.
  • The Trondheim region should act as the gold standard for attractive and sustainable regional development patterns.
  • We aim to double both the number of technology companies, and the number of employees at said companies within the period from 2014 to 2025.

Means and assets:

Trondheim and its status as an attractive metropolis is one of our greatest advantages. The well renowned and diverse research environment surrounding NTNU and Sintef, as well as close collaborations between research groups, businesses and the public sector. All of these things contribute to and strengthen the resources needed for sustainable growth.

Regionrådet is the highest ranking organ in the political collaboration. The Mayors of each of the eight municipalities are eligible to vote. Representatives from the opposition as well as administration from each of the municipalities are also represented in the council.

The Trondheim region population currently counts 300 000 about 200 000 of these reside in Trondheim.